Emotional Eating, Uncovered

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Eating well is a passion, a habit, something that is just part of my life. Always reading food labels and searching for something new to cook. Times, I don’t want to THINK about what to eat. I just want to eat whatever crave. I know, people say if you crave certain foods, you are missing something in your diet. While … Read More

Favorite Protein Shake Recipes!

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Thanks to all who read the blog on Protein, Protein, Protein and sent questions asking about my favorite protein powders and recipes! I will confess, I am a bit of a protein shake nut – I am constantly on the lookout for what is new on the market for powders and how to best mix them. I also rotate my … Read More

Protein, protein, protein!

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I am asked EVERY DAY how much protein should I eat – I always ask back, why and what are you trying to do?  Protein is an essential building block for lean muscle mass and digests slower so we feel fuller longer and can curb those hunger pains when coupled with a healthy fat. The amount of protein you need … Read More

Where to Start With Healthy Eating!

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  God bless my mom, I grew up in a household where I don’t think I knew what soda was until I was 6, I took all natural, no sugar peanut butter and fruit sweetened jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread to school for years.  It was always water or milk to drink with the occasional offering of “real fruit” … Read More